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The FOUNDATION FOR SPACE AND LUNAR EXPLORATION (FEEL) is a private non-profit foundation created to support the technological and industrial development in the Catalan and Spanish aerospace sector.

Through its Plans and Programs, the FEEL provides technological, scientific, legal, cultural, and educational services, such as (1) support to the participation of the Barcelona Moon Team, the only official team in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, in all the aspects of the competition, both technical, social and educational; (2) promotion of infrastructures for habitation of human in space; (3) promote of technology transfer from the aerospace industry to other industrial sectors; (4) promote, in accordance with the reality of the sector, a widening involvement of private companies in the access to space; (5) promote the development of specific legislation on space with the definition of a specific authority to be responsible for the organization of space activities both public and private; and (6) promote the organization and production of exhibitions, meetings, conferences, seminars as well as graphic and audiovisual material related to these objectives.