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Galactic Suite Design

GALACTIC SUITE DESIGN is a filial company of the GALACTIC SUITE GROUP that develops conceptualisation and design in the aerospace industry. The company supports other companies to renew their product strategies in fields such as individual and collective transport, conceptualization of new spaces and times in air, overland vehicles and railway transportation, and aerospace interior design.

GALACTIC SUITE DESIGN has developed a chain of habitats organised at different altitudes and depths above and below the earth’s surface. The projects include (1) GS MARS, a conceptual design for a future colony on the Red Planet; (2) GS NEARSPACE, the development of a reusable aircraft on an helium balloon to reach an altitude of 40km; (3) GS DIRIGIBLE, the conceptual design for small inflatable aircraft rooms; (4) GS HIMALAYAS, the concept design for a capsule hotel on the Himalayas mountain range; or (5) GS SEASUITE, a hotel under the sea, at a depth of around 50 metres.

GALACTIC SUITE DESIGN also created GALACTIC SUITE TRANSFER to bridge between space and earth applications, and to apply concepts or technologies used on the aerospace experience to new situations on the every day life. GALACTIC SUITE TRANSFER is one more step in the direction of socializing space, with the vision of bringing space in people as heart. GALACTIC SUITE TRANSFER deeply thinks that the awareness of space is going to change human life on earth.

To focus in the socialization of space, GALACTIC SUITE DESIGN also created GALACTIC SUITE FOR FUN, an initiative to explore the entartaining possibilities of space through the social media, and to pave the path for the Homo Spaciens, the individual engaged for and to social space.