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Galactic Suite EasySpace

GALACTIC SUITE EASY SPACEA is a new dynamic and agile Space company reducing costs of transportation and construction of space payload, through its philosophy of the low cost.

One of its business areas is payload transportation to the most usual orbit destinations with ultracompetitive prices. This is possible thanks to the strategic relationship with China Great Wall Industry Corporation, which provides all the Long March launchers family, very reliable and competitive. Company as default destinations are Low Earth Orbit (LEO), geosyncronous orbit (GSO, including GEO) and the surface of the Moon.

A second business area is dedicated to the construction of specific and recurrent payloads for those orbits, including earth observations or communication satellites, along with Lunar landing platforms, exploration and mining robots on the Moon and other celestial bodies.

An industrial consortium integrated by Galactic Suite (as general manager); Altran (as a business and technology partner in its Spain and China delegations); GMV, EADS CASA Espacio, and the support of the National Aerospace Technology Institute INTA is dedicated to the design and construction of those payloads. Legal and insurance advisory firms are completing the team to have a global management over the process.

The first demonstration mission is the Barcelona Moon Team, the only Spanish registered team at the international technology competition Google Lunar X PRIZE to land private rover on the Moon where it will comply with its mobility and communications objectives.

Finally, a third business area is the commercial agent activity of the firm on the Chinese space technology (including launchers and satellites) in Europe, including Spain and Portugal exclusively. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.