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Galactic Suite Moonrace

GALACTIC SUITE MOONRACE is a filial company of the GALACTIC SUITE GROUP, leading the Barcelona Moon Team, at the Google Lunar X PRIZE international competition. This is an unprecedented international competition that challenges and inspires engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost methods of robotic space exploration.

GALACTIC SUITE MOONRACE pursues gathering extensive know-how to develop future commercial missions both for private or governmental agencies. The company also focuses on future markets in the sale of services to private sector including images for media and scientific data for future commercial uses, as well as secondary payloads such as pharmaceutical experiments, etc..
The BARCELONA MOON TEAM is a multidisciplinary joint venture bringing together entrepreneurial, industrial and academic capabilities representing the only Spanish based team at the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Among the BARCELONA MOON TEAM objectives are (1) to take the leadership in all the aspects related with the management and execution of a highly complex space mission; and (2) to foster the scientific and technical vocations and to retain talent; thanks to an extensive communications program with the aim to stimulate the participation of the general public in the event.